Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Loose Firewire

I would love to do a whole update blog again, but I don't really feel like it. So, I guess I wouldn't love to do one. Okay then. I feel like I've been neglecting my blog(s). I always check other's, expecting them to be updated, but fail to update my own. I've been hanging out with Eryn a lot more lately. Its been real deadly like.

So, I'm the new techi-chick at the Bridge. Cuz I'm a nerd. I run the overhead dealy, and am working on some projects with Eryn and Tyler. I also get to contribute to the church's blog. Haha, cuz I'm so good at contributing to my other 3...not. Its gonna be cool shooting some video stuff and making FRESH even more deadly. We've done our brainstorming, we just need to get schedules and more people and all that jazz. Goooooood.

Tomorrow, Muzzer and I are going to NB. I have a biopsy appt. for my thyroid. I hope I don't have a goiter. Haha just kidding. They're not going to find anything. Why? Because It's already healed! Yee. God rocks. I still don't want to get a needle shoved in my neck though. Oh well, at least I'll get out of Meadow for a day. I haven't gone anywhere for quite awhile. And then on Friday, Eryn and I are hopefully taking some girls from Waterchicken to Stoon for a girls slumber party thing. I say hopefully, because I don't know if Eryn will get the day off or not. If she does it will be a good time.

You know what? Its so much fun to be positive. Usually I would say I'm so scared the dr's will find something, or I hope nothing bad happens at the slumber party. But now, I have confidence that God is really in control and he wants the best for us. And if something does go wrong, I have the tools to deal with it. God rocks, religion sucks. Glad I've got God.

I guess that kind of turned into an update, oh well, it needed to be said. I'm gonna go do more blogging I think.

PS. I forgot to say that Eryn and I are doing a 40 day challege. No junkfood/sweets/pop, drink water/milk, she's going to exercise 7 days/week for 30 mins, I'm doing 4/week for 60min, no eating after 7pm, and I have to eat two meals a day. Its going good so far. I went for a walk at the track yesterday and did 4 laps. I even ran for 3/4 of the track! My legs hurt now, but that's cuz I was real lazy this winter. But I'll whip myself into shape again. I even took Oviler with me to the track. He's a funny dog. That's all for now.