Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I was going to write this Sunday afternoon, but things got a bit crazy. Which, could possibly be an understatement. Anyways, I have time now, so here it is.

Pastor Tyler was talking about spiritual warfare this Sunday and mentioned battle scences from Braveheart. He said, I guess guys like that more than girls, and then moved on with his sermon. Which was very good, by the way.

That statement was just another reminder that I'm not like most girls. I love watching movies like Braveheart, or reading books about historic, epic battles. Somewhat for the obvious adrenaline rush of the showcase of strength, but there's more to it than that. As a girl, I like seeing men who fight for righteousness, valor and their homes. Seeing, whether on the screen or in my mind, the power of their adventure makes me want to join in and fight with them. Alas, I missed the casting call, by at least ten years for most movies, and most battles don't include women. Yet I know we still play an important role. In most books and movies, the main character is fighting in hopes of saving his title, land, or entire country from being stolen from them. In some cases, he is fighting for the honour of a special lady. This, I think, is where I am like most girls. I want to be protected by a man with the qualities of a knight. If he happens to be wearing shining armor, even better, but it's not a must.

This all sounded much better in my head on Sunday, but there it is.