Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Survival With Minor Injuries

Phew! I took on a pretty big project this week. I decided to clean and change my bedroom. The first part alone was daunting, but I managed to complete both, and in a relatively short amount of time. The reason I did this is my back has been hurting due to a very old, yet oh so comfortable, mattress. Holly's old room has a nearly brand new mattress set and a functional closet, so I figured, why not move to that room? All of my dad's hockey jerseys, paintings, and as I like to call it, crap, were in there, collecting dust. That room has a tendency to leak, mine doesn't. So, I figured, I can make him happier by protecting the stuff he spent so much money on and get better sleep at the same time. By the way, he doesn't know I was going to do this. He's not back from Calgary until Friday evening. hehehe. We'll just call it a Valentine's Day surprise!

In total, four garbage bags, three boxes, and one bag of clothes were accumulated. I really don't know why I kept most of that stuff for so long! It was craziness or something. I did keep some things, and I'm sure the next time I go through everything, I'll wonder why I still have it. At least it's in a drawer, somewhat organized, therefore easier to dispose of if the mood strikes again. Which probably won't be for another year or so!

The only "minor injury" I received was a small gash on my left arm while vaccuuming. A rock went through the hose, shocked me and I jumped; right into the corner of the dresser.

A big, huge, splendiferous Thank You goes to Eryn and Lana who saved me from being completely overwhelmed by the task. It's great having people I can call on when I'm in need.