Sunday, September 23, 2007


Okay, so last night, I watched The Invasion. It's a movie about an alien "flu" that makes people pretty much walking zombies. This flu desensitizes them and makes them less-than-human. As I was watching some of the scenes, with people getting harrassed by police, hit by cars, even killed, I hardly flinched. So what's the difference then? Between our world and the world in the movie? Other than the fact that their lack of sensitivity was due to a viral war, and ours is, what? "Evil", the media, constant war? I thought it was sad that I had become so uncaring and shock proof. But, isn't that exactly the point, whether conciously or not, that the movie was trying to get across? I don't know, but for some reason, I feel robbed or that my morals and values have been violated.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Once again, my head is full of snot, rather, emptying itself of the snot. I'm confused, I haven't been sick with the flu or a cold for probably at least six months. Seriously, for me that's a record. It's been really nice not having to call in sick, except for a few times (unrelated). Then this week, BAM!, I get hit with the flu. It started on Monday with a regular sore throat. I thought, fine, it'll be gone in a few days, drink lots of fluids! Tuesday, went to work feeling like crap, somehow got through the day, came home, curled up on the couch and immediately started shaking with cold. I went to the clinic, "It might be strep, probably just viral", throat swab *gag*. No help there. Wednesday I woke up with absolutely no voice. I didn't go to work that day, I felt really bad as it was the last day before Carmen & Daune left for their vacation, and I knew she still had some stuff that needed to get done. I basically had the couch attached to me that day. Thursday early morning (4am), I thought my ear was going to burst. There was so much pain and pressure, I could hardly handle it. Apparently, crying doesn't help the situation either. Once again, I went to the clinic. This time, "Oh, there's some fluid in your ear, it's possibly infected. Here's some drugs, but you don't need them yet." Great. Throughout this process, Tylenol had become a very dear friend. I've also had a ranging temperature all week, leaving me either freezing (when it's high) or sweating, because I'd layered on to stop the chills. This morning I was feeling quite warm, took some Tylenol, I don't really remember calling mom. I've used a LOT of kleenexes, for both my nose and my eye. About 7pm, I was attacked by the chills again. No matter how tight I curled up under the blankets, I couldn't get warm. So I called mom, and we eventually went to the hospital. Waited an hour there, and was told that now it's a full blown sinus infection, to fill the perscription (thanks), and that the chills (which is what I'd gone in for) was just from the fever. So, tomorrow, I get to go buy drugs, know any good sources? Just kidding! Well, my hearing has lessened, but my voice has returned mostly, although now I sound really stuffed up. It sucks that I missed out on both Bible studies this week, I was really looking forward to them. Oh well, I shouldn't get tuckered out. Which means I should probably go to bed and hope for more than four hours. Prayers would be nice.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

End of Birthday Week

Well, the celebrations are over. I'm pretty tuckered out.

Saturday we went out to Jennifer & Dwayne's for the bonfire & supper. Dwayne nearly got blown up, but supper was delicious. We played with the kittens and blew bubbles a lot.

Today, only us girls went out to Mustus. We had a blast. We had yummy subs, good conversations, a sweet photo shoot and played some bocci ball. Silly Italians. On the way home, near Tosh, we picked up Merle and drove him to Waterhen. It would've taken him so long to walk all that way! Crazy.

I can't wait to start housesitting again. I've got plans with Robin & Nancy to hang out, so as to not make me lonely, so that should be good times. Plus, I'll maybe get some sanity back. I really need to get out of Meadow Lake, or maybe just this house.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Best Birthday

Well, I am offically 20 years old. It was my birthday yesterday and this is what happened. I woke up and checked my "wall". The birthday well wishes had begun to pile up. Some people left some during the week, making it feel like a true birthday week. Which is a really great idea, Kath. :) After replying to the posts, I went and had a luxurious bubble bath. When I got back to my room, I had two messages on my cell. A text from "Eryn" (more later), and Daune asking me to come in at 10. Well, it was already ten after, so that wasn't going to happen. So, I got ready and went to work early. It started out pretty normal, and then all heck broke loose. Daune left, Carmen had been called into work, Dylan was confused. They've both been in and out of the house this week, so he's gotten used to seeing them more. They were both gone and he was mad. So, I tried to put him to sleep. Eventually he fell asleep, and slept for an hour while I got the housework done. He woke up crying and continued to cry for 45 minutes. During this, I tried to put him back to sleep but he wouldn't give in. Daune came home, so I passed him off to him. We started making lunch, he was rubbing his eyes and nearly falling asleep in his highchair, so once again I tried to put him to sleep. More crying. Carmen came home, and we sat down while her and Daune ate. Then, Carmen pulled the carrot cake out of the fridge, gave the "nod" to Daune. They sang me Happy Birthday and we ate the extremely sweet, overly iced (but delicious) cake. I took Dylan for a walk, came home (his), put him to bed, and did the dishes. Eryn called and said Happy birthday. "For the third time", "What?" "You texted me this morning" "Uh, no I didn't" "Oh...That's Pastor Ty's number, oops. I replied 'Thanks Eryn'" Many laughs. Dylan didn't sleep very long, which was fine, since I had nothing to do. He cried for another half hour until I turned on Treehouse. Then we played peekaboo around the kitchen/livingroom. He always enjoys that. Carmen came home, paid me and I headed over to the football game. I couldn't stay long, but I did see Chris and Phil.

I got home and there was a rose from dad, and then mom gave me her present. The complete set of Madame Alexander's Wizard of Oz dolls, McDonald's style. Muzzer and I went out for supper and I got free desert. Mmm. I came home and was waiting for Kirsten & Tiff to call me so we could hang out. I called Kirsty's house, but they'd just left. A few minutes later they were at my house. We began walking to Bean There and I called Eryn telling her where I'd be at 8:30, our agreed time to being our hang out time. We had our drinks and conversation, then called Eryn, saying we were ready to leave. Then we waited. For a long time. haha. Finally, she came and we headed in the direction of Kirsten's house. She was going to "go home and sleep". We passed her street, and then turned down a back alley. Eryn likes to go driving, with no destination, so I wasn't too concerned. Then we pulled into her driveway, because Kirsten and Tiffany wanted to see her house. But, Eryn locked herself out. She rang the doorbell, and the door was magically unlocked. "Oh, I hope there's not a bunch of people going to jump out and scare me." The first thing I saw was a big "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" banner, and then Nancy, Aaron & Clint pop up and say "Surprise!" I was so happy and excited and, surprised. We hung out for a bit, and then more people started showing up. I got a sweet card from Jenna, a picture album and bubbles from Eryn, and some money from Karrissa. We played some games, and mostly hung out and had good times. When most of the people were gone, we decided to go bounce a ball down mainstreet. It was just Eryn, Nancy, Tay & I left. Only Taylor and Nancy actually chased the ball, Eryn and I stayed in the car. We lost one, and managed to keep the smaller one. Tay went home, and we went to Sev, then home. It was a great evening and I felt really special. That's the first surprise party I've had. I've always wanted one.

So now I'm no longer a teenager, but the celebrations aren't over yet. Tonight we're having supper at Jenn & Dwayne's and a bonfire. Tomorrow, after church, Muzzer, Fajah, Eryn & Nancy & I are going out to Mustus to have some foods and fun. I'm actually pretty wiped out, I've done something til late hours every night of the week and I'm not used to staying up late anymore. Oh well, it's good practise for when I'm housesitting again this week for three weeks. Wow, I'm twenty and I don't even have a valid learner's liscence. I'm cool.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Well, I've been living at Carmen & Daune's for over 24 hours now. Pretty much all I've done is watch the extended edition of The Lord of the Rings. Pretty intense. There are actually quite a few scenes added to it that uh, add to it. I had an amazing sleep last night. It was delicious. I'm pretty bored now. I have to buy food too, they're not going to be back til probably Friday. I guess I won't be working with Dylan this week. And yet, I'm still at their house. It's kinda weird being here without them. I guess it's practice for when they go to the East coast later in the month. I'll be here again then. I think I'll be at their house more than my own this month. I'm okay with that right now. Other than clothes & such, nothing is there for me. Tomorrow, I'm going to a ladies Bible study at Lorenda's. It should be interesting. It will be nice to be around girls my own age. I love the ladies at church, they've all made me feel really welcome there, but I do miss people my own age too. If anyone wants to come visit, that'd be awesome! I'm getting kinda lonely, and it hasn't been that long. I'm such a baby haha. I'm going to see if I can have another amazing sleep. Blog ya later!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Awesome Day!

I just had a super great day. I needed a day like this. Maybe there's been others, and I've been too stressed to notice. Today, though, today was rejuvenating. Church was so awesome. The presence of God was flowing through that place so much during the worship time and the message. We had some awesome testimonies. I was going to say one, but once again, I stayed in my seat.
I was going to say that I've been searching for the next step in my life. The next direction. I've told Carmen & Daune that I will stay on with them this fall. I made a commitment to stay, and keeping that has already shown to be challenging. This past week was pretty horrible spiritually and emotionally. So many times I was very close to calling it quits. I felt like I couldn't handle this job, that I wasn't good enough to take care of this very challenging, very special child. I was frustrated and tired and overwhelmed. Where would I go? Every idea was unappealing or a dead end. Am I stuck then? Maybe, but prehaps being stuck is a good thing right now. Not being stuck, but sticking with something. Actually, for once, doing something I said I would do. So, why should I let Satan discourage me? I shouldn't and I won't! This job was a complete Godsend, and I'm not giving up that easily. I guess my step of faith comes in taking a step in trusting God to provide for me here in Meadow Lake. This is where I am. I can't expect God to do something for me in another country, if I'm not there too. Until I am there, wherever "there" is, I'll take another step in trusting him to prepare my way. Hallelujah! Our God is so great!

After church, I took Jenna, Laura and KP out for lunch. Jenna & Laura really liked the service and are talking about coming to FRESH on Friday. I'm so excited for those girls and what God is doing in their lives. We had a great time at lunch, lots of laughs and good conversation. The afternoon was pretty relaxing. Not much happened.
Around seven, Nancy came and we went to...Bean There!!! It's open again, finally! It looks great, smaller, but great considering the time it took. Nancy & I were so excited to be there. All summer we've been wanting it to be open so we could go for coffee. A&W just doesn't cut it. We then headed over to the theatre, on a tip from Jared Fingler who told us that Robin got a job there today. I really wanted to see her, so we dropped in. We were going to rent a movie, but decided to watch the one there, since it was just about to start and both of us wanted to see it. We saw "No Reservations". Amazing. I loved it, and if I hadn't been with other people, I probably, definately maybe would've been bawling my eyes out! I love sad/happy/so predictable movies. Good chick flick. 5 stars for sure! Plus, we got free popcorn & pop. And...there's more. We got a tour of the upstairs. I was so pumped. There's not really all that much up there, but I was happy to have seen it.

Tomorrow, I'll be at Carmen & Daune's house, sitting on it. I hope it doesn't rain on me. I'll be there til possibly Wednesday/Thursday. I'll still be checking Facebook & such, just no msn. Give me a call or drop by! I'll be glad for the company.
I had an awesome day. In case you hadn't noticed.