Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Are You Ready?

For another completely random Joanna update? I don't even know if I am! Hmm, so, what to update? The new job is going well, the first week was a bit sketchy, but I've caught on fast and its a good time mostly. I enjoy working with Carey, the dental therapist, we get along well. That's always a plus. Uh, Heath Ledger died. That was a sad day. I've been kinda cooped up in the house this week due to the weather and girliness. We had a huge blizzard Sunday night/Monday. Because of that, the highways weren't safe to travel on, so Carey & Kylee (other therapist) couldn't make it from PA. I had to go in and cancel a lot of appointments and rebook them. It wasn't so bad actually. I had two pairs of pants plus ski pants, a bunnyhug, and my usual bundles. It was about -44 that day and yesterday was -47 I think. I stayed in the house all day. I'm actually quite excited or maybe just anxious to go back to work tomorrow. I'm so bored! It should be good, I'll be getting paid at least! Then I'll be able to pay God and mom again. The IOU was getting quite big! Oh yeah, Cody and I ended our relationship. I finally decided to listen to God and not just my emotions. That usually makes life way more enjoyable, not necessarily easier, but being in God's will is a good place to be. Another thing I learned this month is that it is way too frustrating trying to do your taxes online, especially if you can't find the Canadian site you used last year! So another part of my paycheck will be going to a qualified, less stressed (maybe) accountant! Also, tomorrow shall be a wonderful evening of LOST season premiere! I'm so excited! I can't think of anything else to update. The end.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

In All Seriousness...

I have no idea what I'm going to write at this moment, but I know that if I relinquish control to the Author or my life, it will be something great. Uh, wow, isn't that a kick in the teeth? How about the lesson I need to learn right now? Letting go of the control and worry and apprehension about the future. I remember talking about life with friends the other day, and one, jokingly said, "I don't want to accomplish anything." Well, I guess if that's your goal, that's what you'll accomplish, nothing. So what is it that I want to accomplish? This month? This year? Do I need a five year plan? How do I want my life to turn out? Well, in that order, I'd say this:
Learn how to do my new job as a receptionist and do it well. Make new friends and strengthen the relationships I've been building over the years. Although, that might take more than a month to do.
This year. Against all odds, because I know God is bigger than odds, I'd like to meet the man I've fallen in love with, Cody. I'm going to start believing for a plane ticket. Or some other form of transportation that will be provided for him to come here in April. Heck, if God can get me through some of the months of the past year on less than $20, I'm sure he can get Cody up here in some amazing way that will cause us both to praise him. Also this year, I'd like to actually stick to the plan I've made and go get some training. I've actually started the application process for a Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Discipleship Training School (DTS) in Harpenden, Herts which is in England. It's about a 30 minute train ride from London, if that helps at all, because I have no clue where it actually is. If I'd get my butt in gear, I could actually finish filling out the second half of the application and send it off. What's holding me back? Well, laziness for one. And the little thing called money. I need to know how much I have towards it already, how much support I'll be getting, and how much I still need. Plus the deposit, or whatever its called. I'll know all this better at the end of the month after I get paid. The thing is, I've learned not to worry about money. Huge lesson I learned last year. I know I'll have enough to go. I just have to discipline myself to actually save up and not spend money on trivial things.
So, what's my five year plan? I honestly don't have one. I never thought I'd be where I am today this time last year. I'm so grateful to where God has brought me, and where he's bringing me still and wouldn't change a thing. Seriously. Not even the mistakes. Especially not the joy. If I were to make one though, I'd say, YWAM, maybe some correspondence school, marriage, family, ministry. I think that'd be a cool way to live my life, but maybe God has something way cooler for me. I'd also be okay with that.
On that note, to answer the last question, how do I want my life to turn out, is simple. With the Author of Life writing my story, it will be great.