Monday, August 27, 2007

At A Loss For Words

I'm playing the game of Life, and I don't know what my next step is. Perhaps I need to take a leap of faith. I just hope my faith doesn't take me over the edge of a cliff.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Insert Title Here

So, I'm not moving in with Eryn anymore. I have many mixed emotions about that. Right now, it seems like unfulfilled plans have become a strong pattern in my life. I planned to go to Jerusalem, no go. Planned to go to Bethany, no, then Nipawin, no again. People still ask me if I'm ever going to Jerusalem. Right now, not in the near or even remotely distant future. I don't know what I'm supposed to do with my life anymore. I have hope for a plan that I would love to see come to fruition, but honestly, I don't want to tell anyone because I'm tired of making plans then not doing them and having people ask me if I'm still going to do them. I'm so frustrated and overwhelmed right now. I don't know what my next step is going to be. I don't have the patience to just hang here in limbo! I just want to scream, but that wouldn't solve anything. Then again, neither does this rant.

Friday, August 10, 2007

The Rest of Ontario

Okay, so I figured I'd update you on what actually happened from Sunday til now.
Sunday night: Kath & I got ready, then drove to Port Dalhousie. After a few wrong turns that is. haha. She showed me around some of the surrounding bars, stopped in at the Kilt and Clover for a drink and pee, before heading to The Lions where we met up with Trish the Dish and Jay. Trish is SUPER FUN! I love her. She has a cute accent. We went in, got a drink and found a table for the band's next set. Mod Squad was on, and they played a bunch of Brit songs. I knew about three of them. It was still good though. I had lots of fun on our Girl's Night.
Monday: Out to Aurora to have fun in the pool with the fam. And it was a lot of fun! I got burnt pretty badly, but at least it evened out my odd back tan. I was sore the next day. I loved hanging out with the Gouldens, it was very relaxing. Eric & Karen have a huge house! I liked it.
Tuesday: Mom & Dad and I went to Niagara on the Lake to do a winery tour. We went to Peller Estates. It was interesting and the wine was delicious! I loved the icewine the best. I guess it was just the fruit wine that I didn't like, and red wine. So, I enjoyed myself, and Muzzer got sick. Some people just can't hold their alcohol! haha. After that, we took the very scenic route to the shopping part of NotL. We shopped a bit, ate some food and then left. We found out that if we had turned right instead of left, it would've taken us about 5 minutes to get there. Lovely driving skills, dad. We had another bbq at Ryan & Kath's, then headed down to Niagara Falls, NY for some American shopping. It was fun, and I picked up on the accents, embarrassing myself only once. We got back in one piece and said our goodbyes. *Tear* Actually, I didn't even cry. But Ryan did lift me a few inches off the ground!
Wednesday: We went to the Pen Centre shopping mall, and did some good damage. I think I'm a shopaholic. Actually, I know I am. Then we headed to the airport where we almost missed our plane. Even though we were there two hours early. Its a story that I'm trying to block out.
Thursday: Today we drove from S'toon home. Another part of the trip that needs to be blocked out. Now we're home and I'm excited to see Kera and Dion tomorrow afternoon. I'm excited to be back home so I can see my church family again. I loved Ontario, but like Dorothy said, "There's no place like home."

Thursday, August 02, 2007


I don't know how short/long this post will be. I think I'll keep it short. Well, I'm in St. Catharine's right now, using Ryan & Kath's computer. Here's a summary of what's been goin on so far.
Monday: Pack. Drive to S'toon, shop a bit, go to Tony Roma's for supper, go to hotel. Sleep (or not).
Tuesday: Get up. Get in a taxi (for the first time) and drive to the airport. (Continued on Sunday) Get in a line, check our bags, get in an even bigger line and wait. Then Bailey, Josh & Bronwyn called my name and I didn't hear. My mom did, so she told me. They were in the same huge line, waiting to go through security to head to Philly. It was nice to see them. Then we fly to Calgary. Meet up with my Aunty & Uncle, go for breakfast, and fly again. I thought I broke my eardrums on the landing in Hamilton, thus making me very tired and grumpy. It hurt a lot. While we were waiting for dad to get the car it started to rain. I, being always prepared, pulled out my umbrella. Then we drove to St. Catharines. I slept. Check in, call the fam, head to the food place to eat. I don't really remember what else happened that night.

Wednesday: Get up. Drive to Clifton Hill in Niagra. Slather on the sunscreen, and begin the touristing. Stop in at Louis Tousaud's Wax Museum and take the obligitory fifty billion (more like 10) pictures. I got some good ones, they'll be on Facebook when I get home. Head down Clifton Hill to Ripley's Museum. I didn't think it was as great as the wax museum, but whatever it was cool still. Grab a bite to eat, then head down to the falls. Again, take a billion pictures. It was super hot, so when we go to the Canadian falls, the mist felt Wonderful! After that, just a few souviner shops, then back to St.C's. Supper at Ryan & Kath's. Did some laundry, hung out, etc.
Thursday: Get up. (Amazing how that happens first, eh?) Drive to Marineland. Walk around for a bloody long time. See a few shows with the flipper type animals. Take some more pictures. While we were in the gift shop, my cell phone rang. I answered and it was Mr. Boyko. Kera had her baby on August 1st (day before) at 8:38pm. So far, this is all I know. Well, and that it is a boy. Then we walk out of Marineland, drive back to Niagra, eat, and do more souviner shops. Home again (to the Comfort Inn), then to R&K's for another bbq with a pig that thought it was a cow. Kathleen's parents joined us as well, it was nice to see them again. I finally got to use their computer and check "spaceface". I was goin through some bad withdrawl.
Friday: Sleep in for an hour. YAY! Go shopping, bought two shirts and some wedding jewellery. (Not for my wedding). Go back to the hotel, get all gussied up, and then head out to meet my mom's old friend in a town on the way to the wedding. A few wrong turns later, we see them. On our way again, a few more wrong turns, including a turning of the map upside down, we reach the place for the wedding. "The wedding", was for my cousin Kerri (Goulden) & Scott McPhail. It was really short, but nice. Then, some pictures and then the reception & dance. I had SO much fun! It was good food, a lot of food, and good company. Then the dance. Kath and I got out there and boogied! So much fun! During a few sit-downs, I noticed a waiter kept giving me "the hairy eye-ball". He was pretty cute too! haha. Sadly, we had to leave soon after.
Saturday: Once again, we woke up. R&K came to pick us up and we headed to the big TO. First we stopped at Starbucks, my first time. I got a caramel macchiato, it was delish! It was a beautiful day! I impersonated Marilyn Monroe a bit. We first took a harbour tour of the Toronto Islands. These were also beautiful. I'm finding that I am in love with the trees here. Back in the concrete jungle, we walked up to the Hockey Hall of Fame to see the mask/helmet my dad bid on and is on display. Nothing too special, since we've all been there before, and only two out of the five of us were truly interested. I got a picture with the Stanley Cup, and said "I don't even like hockey", which got a interesting look from the worker. Oops, maybe I shouldn't talk so loud. We then walked to, um, I don't even know where. It was a lot of walking. To the KISS fm station, where R&K made out for a contest and got a t-shirt and gum. To Queen & John, by Much Music, where I've been before as well. Down a few more blocks to the Wayne Gretzky Restaraunt for some much needed vittles. Nothing spectacular in my eyes, but it was good all the same. A nice rest for the feet. (By this time I'd been cultivating some nice blisters). Then all the way back down to the harbour to where we were parked. I got a nice burn to even out my back and chest, it doesn't hurt which is nice.
Sunday: You know what happens. Go to the Mennonite church. I liked the sermon a lot, but everyone just stood or sat still for the worship. Meh. Then we went to The Mandarin for lunch with the Krumrei's. It was really really really good food. I had some green apple Bubble Tea. A bit weird at first, but good as well. We changed then went out to the Krumrei's to hang out and eat supper. I love Mennonite food, good ol' cold cuts! After awhile we left and took a scenic route back to St.C's. Such beautiful country and houses! Carmen would have a field day trying to sell them all! Now I'm at R&K's, blogging. Kath and I are heading to Port Dalhousie, pronounce De loo zee, for a true Girl's Night. It doesn't start for another two hours or so. But, Trish the Dish is going to be there! She's one of Kathleen's friends, who to me is pretty famous. haha. R&K are watching The Office downstairs and I can hear Steve Carrell in their living room.

We're going out to my Uncle's house tomorrow for a pool party/hanging out. It should be super fun, I have pretty cool cousins. Then on Tuesday, I think Muzzer, Fajah & I are doing a winery tour, get wasted probably. Or not. I don't like the taste of wine. Then Wednesday, we have to do something until the time our plane leaves. Should be interesting. I'll be home on the 9th, and probably sleep until Monday. Or not. I hope I haven't drained my bank account too much!