Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Never Too Old To Learn

Lately I've been thinking of all the things God has been teaching me, especially in this last year. I've been done school for awhile now, but I haven't stopped learning. I've had some amazing teachers this year. I find it amazing that Apostles and Prophets who are known around the world would want to come and speak in to my life. Of course, they didn't come just for me, but things they said have made an impact, or at least have made me think. I've been thinking a lot about what to do with my life. Do I go to school? Where? I could always just accept the advice and pressure coming from my church. But I don't want to go just because that's what everyone is telling me to do. I want it to be an investment not a nightmare. Another thing is, there is no way I can even afford to go right now. I owe over $200 to my mom for rent and shopping things. And as of tomorrow, I no longer have a steady (ha) source of income. I emailed my resume again for a food service worker at the hospital. It pays $15.24, so I can't really argue with that. And I have my safe food course cert. so it's not like I'm not qualified. I've been enjoying baking/cooking more lately, so maybe this would be the perfect job for me. Plus, it's not like I'd have to walk far! Although, I might have to wear a hairnet. haha. I just pictured it. Glamorous. Of course, nothing is definate, seeing as how I literally just sent the email about 20 minutes ago. So, according to that my life goes like this: job, then school (maybe). Another thing I've been looking at is YWAM. Thanks to Robin. No really, thanks Robin. Who knows, maybe we'll go to Jamaica together. I've been itching to get back on stage and this would be a great way to hone my skills. The course in Jamaica is a Performing Arts one, acting, music and dancing. Three of my favorite things. The other being Facebook of course. haha jk. Kinda. Wow, this started out how I wanted it to and then took off on a rabbit trail. Oh well, my mind is kind of a rabbit trail these days. Again, prayer is appreciated concerning job and other such life choices. Thanks!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Inside the Fishbowl

Yikes, a month since posting. Sorry about that. I'm not exactly sure who I'm apologizing to, since I doubt anyone is still reading this. Oh well. Anyways, I'm back from BC. My parents and I went to visit Holly, Cory and Tyson for the long weekend. We got there and somehow due to time change and shopping, forgot to eat anything for lunch. By suppertime we were pretty hungry. We had some awesome pizza with Cory's parents. Tyson is sure a cutie. I held him a bit, and he actually smiled at me. And it wasn't even gas! I spent my nights at Cory's parent's so I could sleep in a bed and not on the couch. Everyone was talking up this bed, how amazingly comfortable it was going to be, the best bed in the world, yadda yadda. Well, it was okay. It was set up in the room on the opposite side that I'm used to sleeping on, so that threw me off. And I had really weird dreams everytime I slept there. The first night I had a demon-panther that I had to get rid of. I don't usually have nightmares, so this was a bit odd. I like Holly & Cory's church, a lot like E-Free. There was this one old man, I never did get a look at him, who enthusiastically said Amen after a lot of things that were said. That made me smile. Because of the time change, I walked into church when the Bridge would've been getting out. Unless Pastor Tyler spoke extra long. haha. Mom and I took Tyson for a walk in the afternoon down to the Okanagan lake. There were a lot of seagulls and ducks. The ducks were quite friendly and got really close to me. We took pictures of the Giant Peach, too bad James wasn't there, and the water, mountains and trees. Somehow, over the entire weekend, I didn't take one picture of Tyson. Good thing mom was a shutterbug. Monday, we didn't have any power, so Kathy & I went over to Holly's, where there was power. There were a lot of trees down, and huge winds. Even some billboards were snapped off. We went to the mall for lunch and it was packed. Probably a lot of people without power who couldn't cook anything for lunch. We did some shopping and then headed back to Holly's. On the first night we were there, three of them suggested I move out there and get a job. I enjoyed the visit, but living there would not work out. I couldn't handle the mountains being all around me. I couldn't look for miles because there was this big rock blocking the way. I like the prairies. The flight back was good, my ears didn't even hurt at all. Maybe I'll fly more often. Well, as long as someone else is paying. ha. So, it was a good weekend. I bought some clothes and somehow managed to not spend very much. Possibly because mom paid for most of it and I have to pay her back. PS, I gave my two weeks notice before we left, so I'll be unemployed on the 30th. Pray that I'll find a good job soon. I've sent my resume to two places and will continue to check the postings on the net. I'm so happy to be home.