Thursday, October 09, 2008

Bucket List

  1. Travel around Scotland - or live there
  2. Attend a Broadway show
  3. Get published
  4. Get married and have a few kids
  5. Get training in women's ministry & counselling
  6. Influence a world leader
  7. Go to: Hollywood, Vegas, South Africa, Sydney, The Dream Centre
  8. Learn to salsa for my 25th Anniversary
  9. Learn to ballroom dance for my 50th Anniversary
  10. Record a cd
  11. Adopt a child from either Romania or Greece
  12. Be a motivational speaker for women
  13. Run a 5km marathon
  14. Have my picture taken with a royal
  15. Design china sets for my daughter(s)
  16. Go on a historical treasure hunt
  17. Take a gondola ride in Venice
  18. Get married in Lions Park and honeymoon in Kilravock Castle
  19. Help with a Habitat for Humanity home
  20. Be in the audience for the Ellen Show
  21. Be a great-grandma
  22. Go to Metz, France
  23. Touch the ocean
  24. Ride in a limo and get out on a red carpet
  25. Float in the Dead Sea
  26. Have a professional photo shoot in a magazine
  27. Trace my family tree back as far as possible
  28. Ride in a hot air balloon
  29. Be a noticeable extra in a movie
  30. See the pyramids
  31. Stargaze from the top of a mountain
  32. Have a family portrait painted
  33. Own a cottage/cabin
  34. Take the Motorcycle Diaries tour
  35. Submit a secret to Post Secret
  36. Meet Jamie & Renee from TWLOHA
  37. Have a cast of my handprints made
  38. Visit Auschwitz & Anne Frank's house