Monday, February 14, 2011


I thought I would take a break from the fruits for today and pay homage to the day. St. Valentine's Day. It's been mentioned already, but I've had some time to really think it over. Since late junior high to mid high school I, like most other singles, have grown to hate this day. Why should there be a lead up to an entire day where I'm constantly reminded that I'm "alone"? This is bovine feces!

Now, don't go jumping down my throat about being anti-V.Day. I said I've thought it over, and have come to an understanding, epiphany if you will. This is not a day to be hated or to spend feeling sorry for myself. It is just another day. When I realized that, I had a very good day. Work was the same as always, but that's okay. Since Mondays are the days my young adults group gets together, I figured we should still meet. Then the couples quickly reminded me that they would have other plans. Thankfully, I still had a lot of fun having fondue with the guys.

This afternoon I was reading a post by Jamie from To Write Love On Her Arms and a thought popped into my head. I may not be in love, but I am alive. That makes it a happy Valentine's Day. One day out of all the others should not have the power to make me feel lonely or unworthy of love. I am not alone and I have many people who love me unconditionally. I am healthy, happy, growing and learning new things all the time. There is no reason to get upset about what I don't have right now, no need to rush into something I might not be ready for. No need for any of that added pressure, at least not right now.

That being said, in no way am I shutting the door to a relationship. I'm just saying that today was a good day of being single. I love sharing my life with my friends and don't even know where to begin in that crazy ocean of fish. But who wants a smelly, old fish when you can keep your feet on land where the man of your dreams is? Unless they actually find some Gillywig to help us live underwater. No, then you have to deal with cross-breeding different species, and aren't humans complicated enough?

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